Company Profile

Orcalex is a boutique law firm in the Asia with the unique combination of legal attorneys and IT Experts. OrcaLex is a full-service IP law firm which specially focused on the Anti-Piracy in Pakistan and India and provides end-to-end legal as well as technical solutions covering all the cross-sections of IP domain. The firm is professionally managed by business consultants legal attorneys and IT experts including a management team, IT Supporting Staffs, paralegals and researchers.


We keep costs down, work quickly and maintain efficiencies.


We are always open to new and different cases.


We react and respond instantaneously to provide best customer service.

OrcaLex combines the breadth of experience and sophistication you expect from a prominent, celebrated and top-tier law firm with a unique creative and flexible approach. Clients choose Orcalex because our legal and technical team is hands-on, business savvy and straightforward, with an intense commitment to our clients’ interests.

Our Expertise

Patent Registration