What is DMCA?

The DMCA is a law that basically allows a copyright holder to send a “take-down” notice to an online service provider or web host (such as eBay, or Facebook, or Youtube, Google, Pinterest) and force them to take down a photo, gif or jpeg images, jingle, song, .mov videos, illegal mp3, song lyrics, plagiarized poems, or other item of digital content that the copyright holder believes infringes their copyrights. If the online service provider follows DMCA guidelines, they get “safe harbors” from civil liability.

The DMCA is, thus, a law that helps protects digital intellectual property, in this case federal copyrighted software.  The one problem is that this law also promotes Copyright bullies who try to force take-down of content that is actually not-infringing.

OrcaLex  Take DMCA Take Down Service

A DMCA takedown notice is a pretty standard document that you send to a company notifying them of the infringing nature of the content that they are hosting. The companies in question are usually the Internet service providers that are hosting the site such as Google, Yahoo, and other online service providers.

The notice contains five key elements:

  1. Name and contact information of the copyright owner.
  2. A signature of the copyright owner – can be either digital or physical.
  3. Proof of copyright ownership.
  4. Notice and identification of the infringing content.
  5. A statement of good faith that they believe the content to be a copyright infringement and that they did not provide permission for the content to be uploaded.

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