Bundu Khan Anti Piracy Case Study


Bundu Khan:

As we venture into the food businesses, one of the most popular and widespread food chain in Pakistan happens to be Bundu Khan. Bundu Khan has occupied a place in people’s heart through all the flavorsome tastes. It is located at Gulberg, Faisal town, Iqbal town, Shalimar, Shama, DHA, Gulshan-e-Ravi, Naseerabad, Sabzazar, Samanabad, outfall road, PIA Society and many more places in Lahore. With extreme commitment and hard exertion, Bundu Khan’s owner came up to this mark. But there is a story that left untold to everyone. It’s time to disclose it. Many of you may think you know Bundu Khan’s original owner. But he isn’t the real owner, he is the current owner. Ages before, the real owner of Bundu Khan established his small hygienic and extraordinary cuisine catering all sort of food items with flavorsome tastes for food lovers. But unfortunately, he did not pay any attention to register his brand. That’s when the current owner stepped in. With some well-planned and bold step, he cunningly registered the brand on his name. Today, from one small restaurant to a remarkable chain of eight, he is excelling toward the globe. Irrespective of the fact that this brand is one of the most liked and trending cuisine in Pakistan.

But, this isn’t the first time one has betrayed and coned. It seems like it’s everywhere in the news. There are many who have been fueled with such incidents. Piracy happens to be one of the biggest threat to everyone out there. As far as Bundu Khan is concerned, people might say it was years back when this happened. But even today, people are unaware of this fact. Piracy is one of the most global growing issues. Serious steps need to be taken against these matters. Henceforth, anti-piracy has been specially designed for all those who face con and betrayal. It provides consumptions of illicit content and acts happening around the world. Anti-piracy protects you from such illicit acts and henceforth, safely recover your content without providing any harm to you or your content. Even though the real owner gained knowledge about this unlawful act, it was genuinely too late. To sum it up, don’t forget or neglect the fact to register your brands, property, ideas and many more. Copyright violation hasn’t stopped. You need to be cautious. Avail anti-piracy services.


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