Unfair competition

Competition law defines the rules of competition among market participants and protects the market from unfair methods of competition. OrcaLex advises and supports its clients in planning, developing and implementing all advertising and promotion measures.

OrcaLex has particular expertise and experience in the field of new and alternative forms of advertising, especially in the areas of viral marketing, social media marketing, mobile and app marketing, WOM marketing, ambients, etc.


The firm advices on whole range of legal and regulatory issues including:

  • Advertising, Media & Broadcasting laws, guidelines, rules and regulations;
  • Registrations, licenses and compliances under the relevant regulations;
  • Public policy issues and initiatives;
  • Distribution, broadcast, syndication rights and deals;
  • Television format rights and script options and purchases;
  • Talent, performers and key-creatives’ rights, agreements and releases;
  • Multi-media, digital and new technology services;
  • User generated content and Website and service terms and conditions;
  • Privacy and data protection;
  • Information Technology related issues such as cyber-squatting, spamming; Agreements including Distribution & Licensing, Master Services, Commissioning, Merchandising and Sponsorship, Music Composer etc.;
  • Intellectual Property issues including acquisition and management, digital rights management, copyright and designs law, moral rights, passing off;
  • Obscenity, sedition, censorship and content regulation;
  • Strategic alliances and partnerships, acquisitions and related agreements;
  • Dispute resolution, Arbitration and Litigation.