The rise of Teefa, against infringing material causing some real trouble to the pirates!




First things first, Teefa in trouble undoubtingly has proven to be a hit, record-breaking film of Pakistan.  Ali Zafar has an impeccable record as a musician and actor. Right after the success of the movie, many pirated versions of the movie had been spotted on Facebook and YouTube.


Ali Zafar the rising star of Teefa In trouble along with his production team Lightingale Productions takes a serious step against piracy, not just for his film but for the whole of Pakistani Film Industry. Enough is enough! It’s time to take a stand against those committing this crime. People who are behind stealing the content or film and later on uploading the pirated version online on different websites without any copyrights are damaging the flourishing film industry.

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Having an overlook, the culture of piracy in Pakistan for the film industry has been persistent in recent years. This culture turns out to be extremely destructive for movies, which is why Ali Zafar has taken a step forward against this act not just for this movie but for the future movies.


Teefa in Trouble team calls out to the entire film industry to support them in this act and take action against it. To report every person who is committed in this act. Those who are indulged in such activities must be apprehended that this is a serious crime and there is a legal system safeguarding this act through grave punishment.


To sum it up, uploading pirated versions of any material is a serious criminal offense. Everyone should be aware of this fact and should rise up against activities that corrupt an individual and society.


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